Smart Inclusion

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  • To increase participation and achievement for ALL students including those with significant disabilities
  • To position ALL students to take advantage of emerging educational technologies in inclusive
learning environments.


  • The integration of interactive white boards (SMART Boards), SMART Solutions
(e.g., SMART Table, SMART Document Camera, SMART Sync) and other mainstream
technology (IPADS/IPODS, Nintendo DSi) with assistive technology for use during whole and
small group instruction in all educational settings. The key is including ALL students using a
Universal Design for Learning Toolkit (technology, traditional teaching methods,pedagogy) in their
current educational setting to ensure meaningful academic and social participation.


  • By using SMART Boards and other mainstream technology as well as assistive technology to facilitate
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Differentiated Instruction (DI) so that learning environments,
opportunities and activities are accessible by diverse groups of learners.
Understanding how the Participation Model can extend UDL and DI so that the learning and
participation of students with the most significant learning challenges are increased and enhanced.
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