Twitter for Speech Language Pathologists

Nomenclature and Basic Functions of Twitter (Thanks @SLP Tanya aka Tanya Coyle - the Lexical Linguist)
Decide how much time you have to commit and at what level of commitment to social media like Twitter (Thanks @SLPTanya)
- great tips and tricks on making the most of your time investment on social media like Twitter

Creating a Hashtag (#) that Sticks and #SLPeeps Going to ASHA Blogpost by @SLPTanya

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter Modes - Thoughts of a 4th Grade Teacher

10 Great Video Tutorials on Using Twitter in Education

The Complete Guide to Twitter # in Education Don't forget #TeamInclusion

100 Twitter Tips for Teachers (Necessary for Some Good for All)

Escaping Isolation: Twitter and Transparency

Twitter HOTS and Establishing Twitter Routine in the Classroom

8 Useful and Fun Twitter Tools Thanks @tonyvincent

An idea for introducing Twitter as a means of professional development (Thanks @markbrumley)

5 More Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

35 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom (Thanks @tombarrett)

60 Inspiring Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom (From

Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher from #curation project in technology

Resources for both beginner and experienced Twitter users

Twitter for Teachers A presentation from Dr. Sarah Eaton on how to use Twitter to grow personally and professionally

The Ultimate Twitteraholic’s Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter Thanks Sue Waters on The Edublogger

How to Use Twitter if You Are a Teacher from Mark Anderson on mentormob

Absolutely Love this Infographic on how Twitter Can Increase Grades

Twitter "How To" Video

Twitter in Plain English from Commoncraft

"How To" view all of your tweets on one page

Best Speech-Language Pathology Blogs

Best Speech-Language Pathology Blogs from A to Z from ASHAsphere

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