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Special thank you to Jaimie Goeble, student at John Hopkin's University for sharing the literature review she completed as part of her Master's Degree. This is a review of pertinent work done in the area of interactive whiteboards and assistive technology as Jaimie has become a passionate supporter of Smart Inclusion.

Upper Canada District School Board pioneered SMART Inclusion in 2008-2009. Here are select research results

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London Catholic District School Board replicated UCDSB's research results in 2009-2010. Here are select research results

Samples of Documents used by the SMART Inclusion Team at Upper Canada District School Board to collect data during Year 1 of SMART Inclusion

- Speech Language Pathology assessment results pre/post, report cards, IEP Data, educational assessment measures were used as well as the following:
Questions to guide conference call with Principals.pdf


Other Measures We Considered for Year 2/3 Research:

Videos of SMART Inclusion in action at Upper Canada District School Board as well as training videos.

SMART Notebook Rubrics

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