- The following theoretical frameworks have been used as part of the Smart Inclusion "Toolkit" to lever inclusive classroom practice.

Participation Model

Beukleman and Mirenda,1998; Rosenberg and Mirenda, 1988

See Videos section of this wikispace as Susie and Alex Dunn work through a case study of one of our SMART Inclusion students and how we applied the Participation Model to help identify barriers to participation and subsequent intervention.
Participation Model Case Study with Susie Blackstein-Adler, Bridges Canada and Alex Dunn, Speech Language Pathologist UCDSB

Video1 Video 2

password for Video 1 is "model" and password for Video 2 is "after"

Susie Blackstien-Adler of Bridges Canada presents an overview of the Participation Model and how it can support the inclusion of students with special needs. Through demonstrations and case studies, you will learn about simple technologies and how they can be implemented to support student participation.


Dr. David Rose - Co-Founder of CAST Speaking on UDL October 2008 ****/
UDL Training Modules Free from CAST
UDL Guidelines - Educator Checklist from CAST website
CAST UDL Lesson Builder Step 1: Learn about UDL, Step#2 Explore Model UDL Lesson Plans and Step#3 Create, Save and Edit my Own Lesson Plans

Must read Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age The book is on the cast.orgwebsite in its entirety and expounds upon these principles and this is a MUST read for all educators.

UDL Made Easy Video

UDL Tech Toolkit

Joy Zabala - UDL, AIM and AT: Complementary Supports for the Achievement of ALL Students

UDL Explained Video

Educational Technology Integration Blog - Universal Design for Learning and Smart Inclusion

Websites used in Mallory Burton (SETBC) Keynote on UDL - The Perfect Storm (Touch'n Go Conference August 2010)

Universal Design for Learning - Implementation and Research Network

Research Evidence Behind UDL

Web Accessibility Initiative
WAI invites you to participate in the new WAI-ACT Project to help develop:
  • An expanded framework for open cooperation among individuals and organizations,
  • Technical guidance on implementing web accessibility,
  • A harmonized methodology for evaluating website accessibility,
  • Coordinated contribution to an eAccessibility research agenda.


a term coined by Carol Goossens, Sharon Sapp Crain and Pamela S. Elder

Link to SETBC and a talk Carole Goossens gave on Aided Language Stimulation
Link to Linda Burkhardt's Powerpoint presentation at Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Orlando January 2010ا



- The Implementation Toolkit is collection of video and print-based resources created to help you facilitate successful interaction using AAC.

Implementation Toolkit
- Please note that in order to access the videos and free workbooks and materials from the Dynavox website you will need to create a free account

Free podcasts from Dr. Ruben Puentedura As We May Teach: Educational Technology, From Theory Into Practice as well as Transformation, Technology, and Education

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