In Ontario we have received funding for SMART Inclusion through Special Equipment Amount (SEA) Funding . Here is a sample report/program plan that should be considered as a guideline only. A special thank you to Margo Clinker, Speech Language Pathologist and her former team at Trillium Lakelands District School Board for sharing initial drafts with us at Upper Canada District School Board.

To help processing of our SEA orders at the Board level, we have gone with a "Ticky Box" order form. Our most frequently ordered items are on this form although many items are added or deleted based on the needs of individual students/groups of students.

SMART has released its new SMARTBoard that allows not only for zero shadowing which is essential for our students but also allows dual touch. Here is a video of the 885ix at work 885ix Video. For future orders I would consider this to be the SMARTBoard of choice because 1) it has zero shadowing and 2) it promotes collaborative learning - and our kids need and deserve both. For more information please contact Alex Dunn at


Through Ministry of Community and Social Services, Speech Language Pathologists at Upper Canada District School Board have been successful at writing letters in support of purchasing IPADS using Special Services at Home Funding (form)

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