Professionals Weigh in on Benefits of Interactive Whiteboard

Teresa Crowson - Occupational Therapist from Virginia weighs in on benefits of SMARTBoards for her students

ED Compass 2011 Special Education Issue

Conversation with Jill Gierach, Assistive Technology Expert

Set-up of Your SMARTBoard and Maximizing Projector Bulb Life

Everything you need to know (in video form) about "Getting Started with your SMARTBoard, Notebook Software, Making Lessons Interactive

Setting up the standard SMARTBoard

Five Tips for Getting Started with your SMARTBoard

A Lesson in Time - Sample Lesson Integrating Notebook Software with Classroom Suite 4 and Alternate Access

Extending the Life of the Projector Bulbs

Getting Started with your SMARTBoard/Troubleshooting - Unversity of Washington

Links to SMARTBoard and Notebook Software Resources

SMART Survival Guide
There were 17 new teachers in my building alone. They all "inherited" a SMART Board in their classrooms, but not the experience the previous teachers had with it. And there was no training provided at the beginning of school. That got me thinking that I needed to do several short videos as a Survival Guide for all those teachers. They are all on YouTube and in the videos tab of the Revolution. Here is the LinkThey are presented in what I believe to be a logical order of importance, but look for what you have a specific need for at the moment and go right to that video. Videos include:
-Getting Started with Notebook 11
-The Red Light is On! Now What?
-Using the Pens and Writing
-Teaching Your First Lesson

Wonderful Notebook Training Videos from Infusion-Universal on SMARTBoards and SMART Notebook

Switch Participation ideas using SMART Notebook:

Training at - SMART Resource Exchange

Teachers LOVE SMARTBoards website

Lauri's ESL website

Powerful Interactive websites for whole group instruction

Music Lessons

Jim Reed's High School Math Lessons

IWB High School Chemistry Lessons

Joey Savoy's List of the Best SMARTBoard Resources :)

William Lundy's Resources from

Scholastic Resources on Using Interactive Whiteboards + lesson activities

Two Minute Tutorial for Notebook 11 Basics

Links to Assistive Technology Resources

Boardmaker Version 6 - Tutorials - Wealth of resources for students with learning challenges

Fantastic Boardmaker 6.0 Tutorials - Boardmaker Plus Activity Exchange - Classroom Suite 4 Activity Exchange

Differentiation Daily website

Resources for Teachers from Sam Fecich

Games for the SMARTBoard by Sam Fecich -- Wonderful resources for using IPODS/IPADS including videos, tutorials, APPS and Accessories

Online Assistive Techology Resource - Videos and pdfs provided from Erinoak
Freeware and shareware making computer access easier
Prevention Tips and Awareness
Top 5 Stories Website
American Bully Daily University

List of Switch Accessible Sites

Assistive Technology Checklist - from WATI

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