QR Codes in Education


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Crazy for QR Codes Thanks @tonyvincent

- Special thank you to Sean Sweeney (@speechtechie on Twitter) who posted an interesting series on how to use QR codes in Education, Speech Language Therapy ...

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Tales of Things
Think about a school art gallery or any type of exhibition at your school. Parents are going to come enjoy all of the student creativity and hard work. Wouldn’t it be cool to attach a QR code to each piece of student work? For example, when a parent scans the QR code for their child’s work, a picture of the masterpiece appears along with additional descriptive information. That’s what Tale of Things can do.

Tag My Doc Free for educators and it allows you to add QR codes to any document regardless of whether it is posted

Auto Generate QR Codes in a Google Spreadsheet Thanks @tonyvincent

Everything You Need to Know about QR Codes Mobile News

Give Your Surfers a Paddle Great presentation on QR Codes in Every Classroom By Cynthia Karabush NICE Conference - January 28, 2012

QR Code Art Gallery Superheros Thanks Tony Vincent
Students made posters of superheros. When the posters were done, the students wrote their stories and then used the free Audioboo app to record their stories. Audioboo is great because it automatically publishes your audio file online to your free account. I coached a few students on how to use the app, and they helped to record the rest of their classmates. We tagged the stories with the label “scshero” – you can listen to their Superhero stories here. I then used the website http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ to generate the QR codes. I dragged each code into a word processing document (I use Pages) and wrote the name of the superhero and the author next to it. Then I printed and cut out the codes and pasted them onto the posters.

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