iOS 7 Accessibility Features

Great video overview of new accessibility features in iOS 7 including: Visual Supports, Captioning and subtitles, Learning Supports, Switch Control, Voiceover and Overview of Accessibility Features of iOS 7 Link

How can the iPad interact with the SMART Board?

Sharing Your iPad Screen As A Visual/Interactive Context With a Group from Sean Sweeney @SpeechTechie
One caveat - at the end of the video Sean refers to Reflector App as a mirroring option for MAC with no options for PC but both Reflector (formerly Reflection) AirServer App have the option for mirroring with both PC/MAC

5 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projector Screen

Great blogpost and chart from @Tony Vincent exploring Apple TV, Reflector (formerly Reflections app), Airserver App, Document Camera, VGA Adapter

An Educators Guide to Airplay on iPad/MAC/PC

How to use a switch with an iPad

Jane Farrall and Alex Dunn Collaborated on this Switch Accessible Apps List. Please advise us of any updates. Last updated September 2013

Great guide from Ablenet Switch Control in iOS7 - The Missing User Guide
- If you are looking at setting up Switch Control and want a plain English explanation of the settings then this is the booklet for you!

Jane Farrall and Alex Dunn co-wrote this article for the first issue of Easy Speak Magazine

How Do I Use a Switch with an iPad - iOS 7 Overview by @janefarrall

Access a Media Center Right from Your Wheelchair From @KomodoLabs
You can control the Xbox right from your wheelchair or adapted switches connected to the Tecla Shield. This gives you full switch access to YouTube, Netflix and even games you can play with a directional pad (DPad) like Pac-Man. This is exactly the kind of surprises we were hoping for when we decided to abandon the old ways in favour of widely supported accessibility standards: developers all around the world are making switch accessible apps and they don’t even know it!

2 options for Universal Switch Access on the iPad Switch2Scan and Tecla Shield Thanks for the reviews on both of these Jane Farrall

Review of Switch2Scan by Christopher Hills (@Iamaccing)

Ablenet's Blue2 Switch

RJ Cooper's iPad Super Switch and Switch Interface

it-iClick Switch for the iPad from Inclusive Technology

App Rubrics for Evaluating Educational Apps

Ways to Evalute Educational Apps and Educational Apps Checklist Thanks @TonyVincent:)
App Rubric -- Thanks iear.wi
Evaluation of Gaming/Productivity Apps as well as SLP/Education Apps Thanks @SpeechGadgetDeb
Rate That App Thanks @SpeechGadgetDeb
4 Great Rubrics To Help You Select Educational Apps Thanks Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Great downloadable checklists


Thanks to Robin Jun Speech Language Pathologist from Hamilton Wentworth DSB

iPads Classified According to the SAMR Model

Apps in Special Education List From the Consultancy Team at Spectronics
This list highlights apps in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, cause/effect, social stories, visual supports and life skills

iPad Basics Cheat Sheet

How to Create Student Portfolios Using Evernote App
Exciting video by Junior School. Students take pictures of their work or capture their work and send it via email to their teacher's Evernote so the teacher can have a look at process and content and always to save as part of virtual portfolio-well done:)

Apps in the Special Education Classroom Thanks Glenda Anderson

Skitch App as a Teaching Tool
Steve shares how he uses Skitch in the classroom to create colorful, interactive visuals that help students learn. He also shows how it supports AIM program to teach French.

TCEA App Recommendations By Subject Area - Great resource

How to Use the Bridgit App So You Can See Your SMART Board Content on Your iPad & 'take control' of the SMART Board From the iPad
From Sasha Zekulin - in response to the question : How can I see my Notebook lessons on the iPad? There are lots of apps out there to 'take control' of your computer & use inking features, like Splashtop & Doceri (search whiteboard in the app store...ahhhh!) lots of 'VCN clients'. (VCN - Virtual Network Computing)
Having played around with many - I still feel the SMART Bridgit iPad app is the best option. Especially looking to even a school-wide implementation - this is cheaper than buying a whole lot of iPad apps & the desktop versions of the apps, it's pricey in comparison to a Bridgit license & the app is free & so is the desktop version.

Lego Life of George Review
Personally I think the new App/Game from Lego has HUGE educational potential. There is a game play mode that requires children to complete Lego creations in the time allotted-then take a picture to earn points and unlock levels. Although this looks like fun (and may hold some promise for realizing occupational therapy goals), I think the real educational potential lies in the "create your own" lego creations. Imagine doing a unit on animals and making your own animal with Lego and taking a picture of it - others including your teacher could try and replicate. I am just thinking how this game/App could be part of a "learning station" in the classroom alongside wikki stix, play doh etc and provide multiple means of engagement, representation and expression - fun:)

What Apps Do We Use
Jessica Gosnell and Howard Shane, from Children's Hospital Boston provide a feature chart as well as a case study on "Clinical Considerations in Feature Matching:
When your thorough assessment of all options and strategies leads you to consider an iDevice platform"

Publishing to iBooks from the PDF Printer App (Tania Mason)

No email address required! Once the students have added their pictures and text in Pages to finish their books and have gone through the editing process, we need to have classes send their work off to the publisher. This could be the teacher/Principal. I would highly recommend you train some publisher's assistants from each of the classes to assist you with this
work. OMG now your book is finally in the iBooks library and you are a bona fide author right on the shelf with Robert Munsch!

Leveling the Playing Field With Apps Kathleen McClaskey

Apps for Literacy Support Thanks @gregoconnor and @spectronics. A great list complete with reviews and videos.

Amazing site that reviews most of the Apps for special needs - You can also watch a video that shows you what they look like and features before you buy. Thanks http://a4cwsn.com

Great APPS for AAC (Entry Level, Intermediate and Advanced Level Communication Systems) and Social Story APPS

Apps list collated for use in a research study with children with ASD

Apps that help with educational goals - Thanks AT4ASD.org

IPAD Apps that target various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy Revised (Thanks Kathy Schrock)


Thanks Jane Farrall - Apps for AAC (updated July 2011)

Assistive Technology Apps for (Low Vision, Hearing, Cognitive) - for IPAD, IPOD

Caseload Tracker App - (Thanks GeekSLP)/Smarty Ears

Special Education Apps List Updated October 2011 - Eric Sailers, SLP Sharing

Hilton School iPad Apps
Categories included in the Apps list: Apps for Students with Autism, Apps for Students with Cognitive Delays, Apps for Communication and Language, Apps for Elementary Math Students, Reading Apps for Elementary Students, Fine Motor and Spelling Apps for Elementary, Science and Social Studies Apps for Elementary Students, Apps for Math, Reading, Writing Enrichment, Apps for Music, Apps for ELL, Apps for Teachers


APPitic is an directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) to help you transform teaching and learning. These apps have been tested in a variety of different grade levels, instructional strategies and classroom settings.

Blogtalkradio Apps for Children with Special Needs

Perth's Autism Spectrum Distorder iPad Project (Upper Canada District School Board iPad Project 2011-2012)

Sasha Zekulin's Post on IPad Integration

iPads/iPhone Apps for the Art Class From @fuglefun (2011 Illinois Art Teacher of the Year and was one of 10 nation-wide to receive the 2010 PBS Teachers Innovation Awards) using Pinterest

Considerations for Great App Design From @ProjectInjini

Examples of how Free Doodle Buddy App in the Classroom


Scene&Heard App Interactive Activities for SLPs

The Stages© framework takes a research-based approach to defining developmentally appropriate observable learner characteristics for each Stage and recommends features to consider in computer software for learning, along with teaching strategies that match and scaffold student need. This approach has proven very helpful in supporting educators, therapists and families in selecting appropriate learning materials. This wiki organizes recommendations for mobile apps from a developmental perspective and offers rationale for each recommendations that is supported by features or design found within the app.

Bjork's innovation with music on the iPad

Her new project is called Biophilia. It's an ambitious album designed to be released through iPad apps and operate as a teaching tool about nature and musicology.

Apps for the Visually Impaired

So what is on the iPad for students in your class with hearing impairment?

Math Train - App and Program About Kids Helping Kids

Prince George County Public School's IPad Project

iPads and Accessibility

Video Tutorials, Video Case Studies on Accessiblity on iOS Devices (Mobile4Learning for Special Needs) @_luisfperez
Luis Perez is a doctoral student in the Department of Special Education at the University of South Florida, where he also works for the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. At FCIT, he was the Project Manager for Tech Ease 4 All, a collection of assistive technology tutorials for teachers. He is now part of the iTeach Initiative, which provides support to pre-service teachers with technology integration projects.

Video by @_luisfperez around Apple's iOS 6 Guided Access

iPad and Tablet Headpointer from RJ Cooper
In an effort to allow people who cannot access an iPad/Tablet via "direct select" via hand/finger, I am offering a combination of 2 different existing products, ot make a new access method for iPads and any tablet that has a "capacitive" (requires electricity from your body through direct skin contact) touchscreen. One product is a capactive mouthstick an the other is an existing headpointer.

Apple’s AssistiveTouch Helps the Disabled Use a Smartphone Article from the New York Times November 2011

New iOS 5 Assistive Touch Features - First Look

Up Close with iOS 5 and Accessiblity Features - article

Free EdCeptional Podcast in iTunes on iOS 5 and accessiblity

Stanford Student Spends Summer Turning the Tablet into a Braille Writer Video

Speech Techie - Sean Sweeney's Review of iOS 5

iPad Apps Organized By Learning Objective

How iPad can work with Apple TV to create a wireless game changing way to manage iPad sharing and instruction in the classroom

Video Step by Step on How to Set Up Apple TV Thanks Sasha Zekulin from Sharp Audio Visual

Our Apple TV, HD--> VGA converter, and HDMI male to male cable, and our art room iPad finally got connected today. Beth and I took some time to test the possibilities and filmed it for you to see. We really only explored a short time and already see this as a game changing way to manage iPad sharing and instruction in the classroom. T go here.

Another great post from @fuglefun on how iPads, Apple TV and the iPad 2 work together in the Art Class Video

Apple TV and iPad 2 Post from @smeech

Interesting Ways to use an IPad

How the IPAD2 can act as a Document Camera

ILiteracy Model for Teaching ALL: (Barb Fernandez SLP)

Comparing iPad to Android/Blackberry to Windows 7 Tablets:

Special thank you to Margo Clinker and Don Carlson from Parkwood/St Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario

Post comparing Samsung's Galaxy to Apple's iPad2

Great websites

Mobilelearning4specialneeds.wikispaces.com -- Wonderful resources for using IPODS/IPADS including videos, tutorials, APPS and Accessories

Eric Sailers - Speech Language Pathologist with an IPAD/IPOD

56 Interesting Ways to Use IPAD in the Classroom (Tom Barrett)

30 Interesting Ways to Use IPOD Touch in the Classroom (Tom Barrett)

How can young children use IPADS to learn http://maineeceipad.wikispaces.com/

IPADS For Learning - Getting Started - Dept of Education Melbourne January 2011

GeekSLP.com Source of Educational Apps and Technology Information

Access Options and Accessories for the IPAD (Jane Farrall)

http://spedapps2.wikispaces.com - Great List of Apps for Students with Special Needs from Caroline Musselwhite and SouthWest Human Development

IPADS in the Classroom (Kathy Schrock)

iPads in Education Department of Educational Technology in the School District of Palm Beach County.
Apps for Learning - wikispace


Video Reviews of popular IPAD Carrying Cases (Thanks RJ Cooper)

Switches like Ablenet's Blue2 Bluetooth Switch Speakers for iPad

BubCap home button covers for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone

Keyguard Available for Proloquo2Go
Touchfire's Screen Top Keyboard for the IPad This keyboard is built right into Apple's existing cover
RJ Cooper combines iDevices with a Beacon to give us a Remote Control for TV, DVD etc
Combine iDevice with a Beacon IR blaster and you get a Remote Control. Beacon is portable operation from your mobile device via Bluetooth, by battery power. Nothing to plug in so you can bring it room to room with you. You download free app called "Dijit" to control, via Bluetooth, the Beacon to send the IR to your devices. Using the vast library of codes you find the one that matches your specific device. One example of extra support is for a person with low vision who cannot see their guide for their cable or satellite TV. Using Apple's free and included talking technology, Voice Over, a person who is blind or who has low vision can hear everything that is on their iDevice by simply moving their finger around the touchscreen. VoiceOver works with Beacon's on-screen device controller buttons.
RJ has an environmental control system using iDevices and/or Android
Paintbrushes for the iPad from nomadbrush.com
Evaluation of iPad Cases for Students with Autism


New iPad

Using Apple Wireless Keyboard with Voice Over on the IPAD

Story of how IPAD helped a woman with visual impairment

What happens to the IPAD2 and other devices when dropped

**Autism Community Sees Promise in the iPad (ABC**)

Mobile Devices and Communication Apps: Current Trends and Future Directions
Howard Shane, Jessica Gosnell, David McNaughton, and Sam Sennot discuss the use of mobile communication technologies (e.g., the iPad) by children with complex communication needs. The discussion includes: Benefits of Mobile Communication Technology (1:00); the Assessment Process (4:00); Learning about New Apps (12:20); Intervention (15:25); Building Vocabulary and Language Skills (21:20); What's Next? (25:20); Additional Resources (29:50)

Proloquo2Go (AssistiveWare's Assistive Technology)

Proloquo2Go Webinars available as Podcasts on iTunes (6 Professional webinars and 6 User webinars for version 1.6)

AssistiveWare Videos on intro, backup, storing vocab for Proloquo2go

PDF tutorials

Downloadable manual

Articles on Use of IPAD/IPOD Technology with Students with Special Needs

Children with Autism Use IPAD To Communicate at a Toronto School

Dazzling World of APPS (Courtesy of ATIA)

School Gets IPADS for Students With Autism

Touchscreen tech gives voice to disabled people

Apps for Autism - A 6o Minutes Episode Devoted to Use of iPads with Students with ASD
Giving Child with ASD a Voice - Article from CBS News
NY Times Article on Finding Good Apps for Students with ASD
Goodbye Textbooks Hello iPad
New Rage for Students With Autism: The iPad

iPad Research

The Durham iPad Project was launched in January 2012 to investigate some of the possible benefits of using the iPad in schools for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). It was formed in response to an increasing number of teachers and parents seeking advice and support regarding the use of the iPad and appropriate apps for children with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD).

Project iPad is a three year study created for children with communication disorders Global News Story on University of Toronto and the Beverly School
Study Finds Benefit to iPad as an Educational Tool

Research Currently Underway at Colleges and Universities

University iPad Study Denotes Room for Improvement

-Carrie F. De La Cruz, Ph.D. Northern Suburban Special Education District Highland Park, Illinois September 1, 2011
- In the spring of the 2010-2011 school year, the Early Childhood and Educational and Life Skills (EC/ELS) Program at NSSED conducted a study to determine whether or not the use of iTechnologies (iPod Touch and iPad) in the classroom had a positive impact on student outcomes. The EC/ELS program serves students ages three through twenty-one with low incidence disabilities.
- An analysis of the data found that the iPads and iPod Touches were most likely to be used during Reading, Writing and Math instruction, while working on discrete skill acquisition in a one-to-one instructional environment.
- Data collected on student performance suggest that when iPads and iPod Touches were used to support classroom instruction, students tended to be more independent, on task, accurate, and behaviorally appropriate as compared to when traditional tools were used.

Data from a High School 1:1 Pilot
iPhone 4s Contract
How does the iPad impact on student learning? The Hills School iPad project Thanks @gregoconnor

iPad Scotland Evaluation Study
The Technology Enhanced Learning Research group, led by Kevin Burden (Principal Investigator) based in the Faculty of Education, have recently completed the first national evaluation to investigate the use and impact of tablet technologies (in this case the iPad), across schools and homes in Scotland.

iPod Program Helps Student Test Scores
Oregon third graders' reading and math results benefit from iPod Touch access.

iTechnology Pilot Study Outcomes
Both quantitative and qualitative outcomes were reported for the iTechnology Pilot in the EC/ELS Program that took place in the spring of the 2010-2011 school year. The primary purpose of the pilot was to determine if the use of iPads and iPod Touches in the classroom had a positive impact on student performance. In addition, the pilot program sought to answer questions with regard to (a) infrastructure and device management, (b) curriculum integration, and (c) policy and guidelines for use of the devices.

Case Study on the Use of iPads and Apps in the Design and Tech Classroom
Case Study on the Use of the iPad in Design and Tech Part 2
Thanks @dmandrews15
Having taught the Year 6 Design & Technology unit 6D (Controllable Vehicles) in the same way for the past 6 years with a few tweeks here and there, I was looking for complete transformation on how this project is taught using the iPad and how it can bridge the between the school curriculum and technology. This case study outlines what happens when Mr Andrews & Mr Williams shifted this project from teaching-centred learning to children-centred learning and use the iPad to enhance learning:)

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